The real bubble in healthcare

Submitted by clawki on Mon, 11/19/2018 - 03:06

How is it that we are approaching two decades into the "new millennium" and healthcare is more screwed up than at the turn of the millennium?

Millennial Health is focused on ways to bring about the shift that is not only desirable but also required to ensure adequate healthcare is within the reach of all. The fact is that besides illness related to age, at their core the healthcare needs of people share more in common than the differences.

The irony of all of the handwringing about out of control healthcare costs, is that healthcare is positioned to take an exponential shift as costs start to compund on an aging American population while being pulled under by a downwardshift in birthrate and overall population. We will find ourselves pinned against competing interests of not big business or big goverment, but by very real trade offs driven by fear. Take a moment and think about the economic entrepenurship what is waiting to be unleased on an American landscape where concerns about tragic ailments to yourself or your family are reduced.

Now don't mistake this as an endorsement for a sociali